Motorola files patent for anti smear displaysThe problem with glossy displays and glossy screen protectors is that while they certainly make colors on your smartphone/tablet look great, they do a poor job of keeping away all the smudges that naturally occurs with our touch-based devices. Looking to solve that issue is none other than Motorola who applied for a patent that suggested adding a new display layer that will disguise (not remove) smudges on your touchscreen devices.

This is achieved by using several minute and raised layers across the surface of the device. Thanks to the reflective caveats, all the oil and unwanted impurities from your grubby fingers will be caught and will be disguised from view of your eyes. This means that the dirt is still there, it’s just that you won’t be able to see it so it’s still not an excuse for not wiping down your device once in a while! According to the patent (via USPTO):

“A viewable surface of a device, and more particularly a viewable surface of an electronic device, and even more particularly a viewable surface of a transparent cover for a display in an electronic device, includes transparent pedestals projecting from the surface of the viewable surface, the pedestals having reflective sides that conceal, or suppress the appearance of, smudges on the viewable surface.”

So who else is looking forward to smudge-free devices?

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