NLT Technologies Ltd. of Japan has come up with a prototype of a naked-eye low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (Si) TFT LCD display which boasts of half a dozen viewpoints, carrying a size of 3.1″ (diagonal length of 79mm), while sporting a pixel count of 427 x 240 resolution. This display saw NLT Technologies apply “HxDP” (horizontally x times-density pixels) in its creation, resulting in a new technology which is capable of realizing multiple viewpoints. Unlike traditional 3D displays, this particular model comes with two horizontally-arranged sets of red green and blue (RGB) sub-pixels in order to constitute one pixel. As the density of horizontally-arranged pixels is double the amount of vertically-arranged pixels, viewers are able to view the 3D image at a similar resolution of a 2D counterpart, not to mention the capability of displaying 2D and 3D images simultaneously on the display itself. Apart from that, one can also choose the number of viewpoints for a 3D image in addition to displaying a 3D image with the given number of viewpoints just about anywhere they like on the screen. You will not find this 3D display make its way to the general markets though, since it is being primed for high-end industrial instruments.

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