The FCC has just gotten their hands on what seems to be a tablet from NEC that offers 3G connectivity support. The amount of information from this FCC filing is as scant as a strand of hair on Kojak’s head, so we will just have to feel our way around with our fingers this time around. Apart from standard Wi-Fi connectivity, we do know that the upcoming NEC tablet will also come with GSM and HSPA radio support. It measures 22.26cm across, which means it will in all probability, carry a 7″ touchscreen display for your tablet moment. No idea what can be derived from the KMP7R4D1-1A model number though, perhaps those who are extremely familiar with the Japanese market might be able to help us out here? It should not be long now before NEC releases this unknown quantity of a tablet, and something tells me it is not going to run on the iOS platform for sure.

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