New solar cell is cheaper and more efficient?Researchers over at the Northwestern University have managed to cobble together a spanking new solar cell which they claim is capable of churning out not only efficient, but environmentally friendly electricity as well. Based on the Grätzel cell that relies on a molecular dye in order to absorb sunlight while converting it over to electricity, this new solar cell will address a major disadvantage – the tendency to leak. Originally, the dye-sensitized cell’s electrolyte, being organic liquid, will eventually leak and corrode the solar cell within, lasting up to 18 months at most, hence the unpreparedness to be commercially viable.

This bunch of researchers claim that they have managed to implement a new material for the electrolyte that will “begin” its life as a liquid, although it eventually ends up as a solid mass instead. This will no doubt ensure the cell remains stable at all times, where the thin-film compound comprises of cesium, tin and iodine, better known as CsSnI3, which will replace the whole liquid electrolyte.

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