The video featuring the launch of the GeForce GTX 690 by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is now available. If you want to see the co-founder of NVIDIA present the company’s latest graphics card, which is powered by over 3000 computing cores, spread over two GPUs built with the “Kepler” architecture. He goes over the card design which has been created to cool down 300W (“three light bulbs…”) worth of GPU power, in a “whisper quiet way” as NVIDIA would put it. Additionally, the cooling system body is made of aluminum, which replaces the typical plastic cover.

Of course, Jen-Hsun Huang goes over the software aspect (btw, there are twice as many software engineers than hardware engineers working at NVIDIA) including configuration, games, performance and image quality, most of which is covered by the new GeForce Experience helper, which basically takes the guessing out of the GPU configuration by using presets built by NVIDIA. GeForce Experience will enter beta-stage on June 6. I won’t describe the whole video, but suffice to say that it ends with a demonstration from Crytek.

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