Imaging giant Olympus has just announced what they claim to be the world’s slimmest industrial videoscope which measures in a 2.4mm in diameter. The super-slim creation which is called the Olympus iPLEX TX industrial videoscope has been fitted with a miniature, compact CMOS at the end and it makes use of a HDR image processing technology dubbed WiDER. The video embedded above for viewing at your convenience highlights the iPLEX TX industrial videoscope in action.

With the compact CMOS working in tandem with WiDER, the iPLEX TX is capable of highly detailed footage that make the image outcomes closer to what human eyes are capable of. In addition to that, it is apparently 200 times more resistant to frictional wear than fiberscopes and it provides over double the slip strength over existing products. As per its announcement, Olympus said, “Until now, there have been fiberscopes with the same 2.4mm (diameter).

But as you can see from the picture here, we’ve improved the image quality enormously. In this fiberscope, there’s a line from each optical fiber. That’s one reason why users find it hard to see with the scope, and hard to get a good picture. Our videoscope has an image capturing device (CMOS) at the tip of an endoscope, and outputs the picture as an electrical signal. So, the picture is very clear.”

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