Given the new iPad has a whopping display resolution 2048×1536, we can only assume that this will set the trend in future tablets and possibly smartphones, which means that soon the photos and videos we take will have to up the ante as well if they hope to remain crisp and clear on our displays. It looks like that future might not be too far off as OmniVision has announced on Tuesday the OV16820 and OV16825 camera sensors, both of which are able to support up to 16MP and will be able to capture videos at 4k resolution (also known as Quad Full High Definition – QFHD) at 60 frames per second!

The OV16820 has been built into a ceramic grid array and appears to be more for DSLR cameras, while the OV16825 comes in a die form that looks like it could make its way into our smartphones in the future. However as many photographers would like to point out, it’s not about the resolution, but rather how the photo has been taken, but usually for the layman it’s pretty much a numbers game although the 4k video capture is admittedly pretty interesting. When will we see OmniVision’s chips make their way into our smartphones? It’s hard to say but be sure to check back with us in the future for more updates.

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