Good news to all Opera users out there. Opera has just released the latest update to its Opera browser. Opera 11.64 is a security and stability update. Now if you are wondering why Opera skipped the 11.63 update and suddenly jumped to 11.64, the reason is that Opera had to throw out a 11.63 release a short while back for the Mac platform. Opera said that version 11.64 does not contain many bug fixes, but it is a recommended security update and it does fix some crashers and a bad nsl bug that some people are getting. Opera 11.64 comes on the brink of launching the next stable release for the web browser, Opera version 12, which is currently in beta stage. Among the features that we can expect from Opera 11.64 are the following: Introduction of out-of-process plug-ins that increase the stability of the application, fixed errors where an on-demand-plugin placeholder could lower the security status of a secure site to insecure, fixed issues with some secure pages that are not loading such as PayPal and Ebay, fixed issue where certain URL constructs could allow arbitrary code execution, and a resolved JavaScript error .

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