Opera is promising a better way to connect with friends and the web on mobile devices. Today, Opera Software, the Norwegian software company behind the Opera web browser, introduced Opera Mini 7 and an added feature called Smart Page. Smart Page, according to the company, is a one-page summary of all the news from your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The Smart Page also includes suggestions for news sites to follow, as well as the possibility for you to add the feeds of the sites you browse most often. “With Smart Page, you just open the browser, and the content is right beside your Speed Dial shortcuts in the start screen for you to skim through — super practical, super time-saving and super smart. I guess that’s why the product team called it Smart Page,” said Opera Software CEO Lars Boilesen.

The company added that the Opera Mini 7 browser will also allow basic handsets to keep up to date with the latest happenings via social networks. “If you’ve tried to visit a full web page with your phone’s stock browser and found it limiting, try out the Opera Mini 7 browser and navigate the full web with ease,” the company said via press release. You can download Opera Mini 7 here.

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