Papercraft War Machine statue makes Iron Man blushSomething as simple as the art of papercraft also has its fair share of complexities, and it is said that those with a penchant for p
apercraft have turned it into an elevated level of artwork. In fact, papercraft statues are getting more complex each day, just as how you see this War Machine statue. This 1:6 scale War Machine paper sculpture might not be able to mow down enemies with its fair share of weaponry, but at least it comes with an LED chest light and fiber optic lights that are located in the eyes and palms.

Talk about papercraft that has been turned into serious paperart. Those who feel that they have the necessary DIY know-how, you are able to build one for yourself if you have the intestinal fortitude to do so. This light-up version was constructed by a person known as Charles, and he certainly is no Tony Stark, but he does seem to have a similar level of technological wizardry to churn out something like this. Someone come up with an Iron Man version already.

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