Given the legal battles currently going on between Oracle and Google, many interesting tech-related tit-bits have been released such as the original Android phone with its QWERTY keyboard that was to go on sale with a $19.99 subsidized 2-year contract but never did. Of course, Google would be the last one that would want to reveal all the juicy information but it seems to be necessary to fight the case in court. Now however, a latest update has brought along news of a Google patent revealing NFC functionality between Android handsets. The trouble with this information is that in its ambiguity, it could either be pointing to Android’s Beam feature or something else.

Android has had Beam since last October but the patent indicated some additional information with one feature called “sharing application states” to work with applications and functions like messaging, phone calls status and playback positions for video and audio. As far as we know, that is how Android Beam has come into the picture but could Google be up to something else with this NFC-based function or is this just where Google would like to take Android Beam to since it already has most of the functions listed above. As we get more information regarding this issue, we will be sure to keep you updated.

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