It wasn’t too long ago when Sony announced the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale game. For those unfamiliar, think Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros except with characters from Sony’s franchise of games, like Kratos from God of War and Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal. The game was announced for the PlayStation 3 and safe to say there were probably gamers disappointed that it wasn’t announced for the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s latest and newest handheld gaming console. However all of that might soon change.

In an interview with Digital Trends, when asked if the game could be arriving on the Vita console, Omar Kenall, the game’s director was quoted as saying, “Maybe… Stay tuned.” With E3 expected to take place next month, could Sony be announcing the Vita version of its PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? We guess we will have to wait and find out! In the mean time, who else is excited about the prospect of the brawler game headed onto the PS Vita?

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