If you think that PowerDrive’s Power Snorkel air tank was cool, wait until you’ll get your hands on one these next generation Powerbreather snorkel. The Powerbreather allows swimmers to keep their heads submerged underwater. This state of the art snorkel is designed to prevent water penetration. Made from an elastic material, the ring-shaped snorkel fits tightly around the head of a swimmer. According to its German-based designer, air is inhaled through the upper section behind the head which is equipped with a check valve and is fully exhaled through a check valve located in the mouthpiece. Check out the video after the break.

This technology ensures that no stale air is left in the snorkel tube after exhaling and that fresh air is inhaled by the swimmer. The Powerbreather snorkel is also reported to eliminate orthopedic muscle imbalances while ensuring balanced muscle development on the left and right side of the body. Its designers said that professional swimmers and even children can benefit from the device. If this is indeed what it is as promised, those who are still learning to swim will never have to accidentally swallow water anymore. Unfortunately, no pricing and availability has been announced.

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