Patent is the new intellectual ammunition of companies, and here we are with one of Google’s patents for their upcoming Project Glass that has every intention to make augmented reality an everyday occurrence in our lives. Touted to be one of the first commercially available social communications device in the market, the Project Glass from Google is still shrouded in secrecy – generally speaking, of course, as there is very little known about it to the masses, although we have seen prototypes of it in images before. Will it be able to work independently? Is there a need for it to remain connected to a smartphone for a data link? So many questions, so few answers. Well, how about controls for this unique visor? It seems that a recently approved patent from Google pointed to a unique control system that sees infrared sensors interact with “wearable markers”. I guess this has something to do with reflective rings, or perhaps those bracelets that Tony Stark wore in the Avengers movie for his flying suit to catch up with his freefall. Definitely something worth thinking about if you are not too hot about voice control.

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