We’ve seen Sergey Brin wearing the famous Project Glass last month when the Google co-founder attended a charity event in San Francisco. A few weeks after that, Sebastian Thrun of Google’s Project X was also spotted wearing Project Glass in an interview with Charlie Rose. Earlier this month, Google’s Senior Vice President, Vic Gundotra, was also caught wearing the glasses during a recent interview with CNET. So, if you’re wondering who’s going to be next, today’s the day that we’ll find out. Adding to the frenzy is Larry Page, who was recently spotted wearing Project Glass at Google’s Zeitgeist event in the U.K. Check out Larry Page’s talk entitled “Beyond Today” at the Zeitgeist 2012 after the break.

A Google employee apparently took photos of Larry Page and posted them on his Google+ account, only to remove them later. “My life is now complete – met Larry Page today! Thank you for visiting EMEA,” the employee wrote alongside his pictures. The pieces to the puzzle are beginning to form. Recent patent filings point to the headset being controlled by a wearable IR identifier that’s tracked by an IR camera on the glasses. Google has also patented a nose-pad sensor which can detect each time the glasses are worn, in addition to the ability to use each eyepiece as a separate display.

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