PS Vita’s Augmented Reality brawler, Reality Fighters, has just gotten all the more exciting after an announcement of new downloadable content (DLC). From today onwards, you are able to login to PSN and download the Weapons Pack, where it will boast 15 new weapons to pummel your opponents into submission, where some of them include a smoke bomb, a jetpack, and a cannon amongst others. Best of all is, this DLC will be free, so you are able to save that bit of money towards something else, such as the next hot PS Vita game, perhaps?

When May 15th rolls around, you too, will be able to download the new Soccer Pack that enables you to gain full control of a spanking new soccer fighting style that comes equipped with more than 12 unique battle moves. This time around, the DLC will not be free, so you might have to give up that large packet of chips as the Soccer Pack will set you back by $2.99.

Wait for one more week after that, and you will be on the receiving end of the Ghostbusters Pack which delivers two brand new costumes – namely the Ghostbusters uniform that comes with signature items like a pair of goggles, a shirt, gloves, pants and boots. The other new costume would be the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The Ghostbusters Pack will also cost $2.99 if you want to fool around with it.

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