RIM and Motorola arrive at a nano SIM compromiseThe folks over at The Verge have brought us a nano-SIM compromise that RIM and Motorola promised Apple, where both the Canada-based company as well as Motorola made updates to their design proposal in order to come to a solution which Cupertino might smile and give them a nice, solid pat on the back. The final answer is certainly deeper than just providing a refreshed look for the nano-SIM, as RIM and Motorola have apparently taken a step back from insisting on a notch being a necessary evil so that “push-push” mechanisms (one pushes the chip to lock it in place, while another push is required to have it pop out again), but rather, agreeing somewhat to Apple’s vehement disapproval of notches, by merging elements from both schools of thought in its redesign. What we get is a rectangular style that still has enough room for a low-key notch on one side. Will the latest redesign stoke Tim Cook and company, or is it back to the drawing board?

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