Robot designs tools on its ownWe are one step closer to a robotic apocalypse, with scientists managing to work together in order to construct a robot that is intelligent enough, it is capable of building its own set of tools. Not only that, it will also be armed with a glue gun if required, in order to get the job of making and fixing its very own self designed tools done. This particular team of scientists from the science and technology university ETH Zurich is certainly excited about the prospects of such a robot, where it managed to construct a cup on its own, before glueing the cup onto itself in order to transport water from one dish to another. I suppose it is still a long way from robots ending up as self-aware automatons, ushering in the age of Terminators, but it is still a start. Will waterboys at sporting events find their jobs threatened? Not likely, and it would be interesting to see if this generation of robots can be modified to churn out something more interesting down the road.

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