RunCore, the company behind the InVincible SSD that featured self-destructing and data deletion capabilities, announced its latest SSDs that will be expected to debut at the Computex 2012 in Taipei. The Chinese company introduced the Rocket Air SD, its latest consumer-grade SSD for ultrabooks and the late-2011 MacBook Air. RunCore believes that there is a need to improve storage performance as today’s laptops get thinner and lighter. The Rocket Air SDD promises to provide superior performance with its internal MLC flash and consumer-grade operating temperature.

The company sees ultrabooks and particularly the mid-2011 model of the MacBook Air as a strong market for the ultra-thin SSD. “RunCore’s Rocket Air SSDs are almost a half-size of conventional 2.5” SSDs without the case. It is also compatible with mid-2011 MacBook Air laptops and offers nearly 4x the capacity of the original factory SSDs,” the company said via press release.

RunCore will also introduce the RunCore Mini DOM and RunCore Xapear at the Computex 2012 next week. The Mini DOM is single-chip SSD that utilizes the SATA II interface and it will feature RunCore’s data self-destruction technology. On the other hand, the RunCore Xapear is a smart USB 2.0 connected SSD solution with RFID protection and, according to the company, is designed with one public and one hidden partition, which is protected by a pair of RFID keys. We’ll see more about these products next week.

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