To hear of Russians building an android that resembles a human certainly makes me think about whether this is an effort for them to churn out a future spy robot that is so human, even we would be fooled. Well, that might be a long shot by today’s standards, but it is definitely worth thinking over, as a team of Russian researchers have managed to construct the first realistic android from that part of the world, and it clearly looks like its human creator, Dmitry Itskova. It is hoped that by the time the year 2020 rolls around, a fully-functional android would have been developed by then, and by the time 2050 arrives, we would have been able to discover a method to store a digital copy of the human mind – hence getting around this inconvenience known as the physical death. As for the spirit, who knows?

Basically, this Russian android is still knee deep in development, and right now, it is capable of only simple face recognition, not to mention sporting a pair of robot hands. No legs are available yet for it to get up and walking (let alone run), but first, they have to make it blink. Do you think we are able to transfer our consciousness over to androids in the future, and how much do you think that would cost? Can an android experience the human touch just like how we do in our natural bodies by then?

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