Samsung has announced today that it has acquired mSpot, a mobile cloud content service provider based next door in Palo Alto, California. In case you don’t know much about mSpot, the company, formed in 2004, is a provider of music and video delivery service for mobile devices. mSpot has been providing its services to mobile carriers in the U.S. Although the details of the acquisition have not been disclosed, Samsung said that its reason for buying mSpot is to provide a cloud-based entertainment experience of music, video and radio services for its users, while extending mSpot’s cloud and streaming solutions to a broader base.

Samsung hopes that the acquisition will further enhance Samsung’s mobile and tablet device entertainment offerings while extending mSpot’s top class cloud and streaming services as well. “mSpot shares our vision to bring a best-in-class cloud and streaming entertainment experience to consumers, and they’ve backed it up with innovative technical solutions from a great engineering team,” said TJ Kang, Senior Vice President of the Media Solution Center at Samsung. So, it should not come as a surprise to see mSpot’s apps popping out on every Samsung device in the future.

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