If you are a San Francisco native and spend plenty of time at the bars there, you might not be too comfortable with the idea of your favorite watering hole potentially installing facial detection cameras. These cameras will live-stream footage so that those who have access to a free iPhone or Android app will be able to check out just how happening the bar is that particular night, making a rough estimate of the male-to-female ratio, the average age, and crowd size – all of it in real time. This is made possible thanks to SceneTap, an Austin-based nightlife startup. 25 bars in San Francisco will see the official launch of this new system this Friday evening, where you can check out the full list in the extended post. Basically, the facial detection cameras will select certain facial characteristics in order to determine the rough age and gender of the bar crowd, and it will remain anonymous. Now you can consult just which bar has the most patrons before you go boozing, neat, no?

  • Bamboo Hut
  • Bar None
  • Comet Club
  • Eastside West
  • Eve Lounge
  • Fluid Ultra Lounge
  • HiFi
  • John Colins
  • Kozy Kar Bar
  • Manor West
  • Mayes Oyster House
  • McTeague’s Saloon
  • Milk Bar
  • Monaghan’s
  • Mr. Smith’s
  • Noble
  • Pedro’s Cantina
  • Pete’s Tavern
  • Polo Grounds
  • R Bar
  • Southpaw
  • Taverna Aventine
  • The Ambassador
  • The Wreck Room
  • Tope

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