If you prefer archiving your receipts digitally as opposed to filing them in physical binders and folders, chances are you either use your scanner to save them into your computer. However scanners are slow and can be quite bulky, which is why the folks at Limemouse have come up with what they’re calling the Scanbox, a piece of foldable cardboard that not only allows users to save a ton of space, but will allow them to bring it along wherever they go. It features a cut-out at the top of the box which is where smartphone owners can place their phones which in turn will be used to “scan” the object placed inside the Scanbox.

Technically it’s not really a scan since it actually relies on your smartphone to take the photograph. However given that our phones take pretty good photos these days, it’s a lot faster to snap a photo and email it rather than waiting for a scanner to scan your documents. Limemouse has also pointed out other potential uses, such as using it as a projector by hooking your smartphone up to a TV and mirroring its display, scanning of 3D objects for use on eBay or Craigslist, and thanks to Apple’s Air Print, it could also double up as a “photocopier” of sorts!

We have to admit that the Scanbox is a pretty clever idea and its Kickstarter project has long surpassed its goal of $12,500. A minimum pledge of $15 will ensure the delivery of the Scanbox when it has been put into production, or a donation of $25 will give you the Scanbox+, which is essentially the Scanbox with LED lights and a light diffuser, thus turning it into a light box for photography. More details can be found on its Kickstarter page.

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