As we reported last week, Apple’s voice-driven personal assistant that resides in the crevices of the iPhone 4S stated that the Nokia Lumia 900 was the ‘best smartphone ever’. The answer that was drawn from facts that was then collected by the Wolfram Alpha search engine was a kick in the face for the manufacturer of the device and as of today, Apple has updated Siri to resume its tirade of humorous replies as opposed to mentioning other phones which are in direct competition with it. Apparently, when users asked Siri, “What is the best smartphone?” It would answer, “The one you’re holding.” But due to the fact that the word “ever” was added, the seemingly detail-oriented personal assistant sought out customer satisfaction ratings for all devices and subsequently named the Lumia 900.

Now that it has been updated however, when you ask Siri what is the ‘best smartphone ever’ one of the results that you can expect is for it to say, “You’re kidding, right?” Although Siri has been effective at what it done thus far, Apple still touts it as a ‘beta’ service on its official website. Since it is in beta, mistakes such as this are expected to happen, but the difference here is just the hilarity of the situation and the “mistake”. The development team behind Siri has named its unique personality as one of its defining features. Moreover, the company believes that that very personality will help create an emotional relationship with users.  The description of Siri that the team wants to maintain is that it is “friendly and humble – but with an edge.”

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