We can’t really add more to the SmartWatch’s coolness, because it’s already that cool as a watch. But, perhaps it could use more apps to get more functionalities. Sony has just released a couple of new extensions for developers out there. The latest SDK release for the SmartWatch gives developers the ability to build on its music player and a simple puzzle called 8 Game. The music extension will be used to control music playback on a phone. It will also show the track currently being played and you can start or pause, go to next track, and etc. The open source version of the music extension also works with the Android vanilla Music player.

The 8 Game extension, on the other hand, is a simple puzzle game for the SmartWatch. You can use an image on your phone, or use tiles with numbers on them. Basically, all you have to do is to move a tile,  press it, or swipe it to form the puzzle. Once the tiles are in the correct order, you can choose to share the results via email, SMS text message or through a social media app. If you long press during the game, it will bring up a menu where you can start a new game. Both extensions are open source, and SmartWatch developers can find instructions for the new extensions via the Sony Mobile website.

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