I remember back in the day when there were just a few channels on TV – wasn’t that the life back then? I do find it strange today that with so many channels to choose from, many of us think that there is nothing good to watch at all, spoilt brats. With TV came advertising, and it seems that advertisements seem to run longer and longer compared to the actual movie which you are watching. Well, the same idea might be translated over to the world of video games, as there are whispers going around that the Sony PS4 could deliver advertisements that freeze the game while you play. Sure, it is not confirmed or cemented just yet, but since a patent application for this idea has been filed, you can never quite tell when the craziness is going to start.

This particular patent application is known as ‘Advertisement scheme for use with interactive content’, where it details a process of serving you ads in the middle of the game. No idea on who would want that, since there are moments when you are in ‘the zone’, and everything that crosses the path of your crosshair dies, so to have the game freeze halfway might just throw you off your rhythm, and killing streak. I don’t think this is going to be a popular move if implemented – what do you say about it?

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