When it comes to placing a pre-order for software or hardware, there is nothing new about the situation, but here we are with word that Sony’s PlayStation Network will be ready to accept digital download pre-orders, allowing gamers to purchase titles that have yet to hit the market in advance. I guess this is a step forward where digital purchases are concerned, and it will also help families be able to better manage their budgets. After all, buying something in advance would mean when the time comes, you no longer need to fork out the money there and then, giving you an opportunity to be a better planner and perhaps, a wiser steward. The first title available for pre-order would be Sorcery, which is one of Sony’s Move-compatible game that is due for a release later this month. Those who want to place a pre-order will be on the receiving end of an unlock key which should enable their consoles to start downloading the game when it debuts officially.

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