SpareOne handset runs for 15 years on a single AA battery?We did talk about the SpareOne handset when it first made its appearance at CES 2012 earlier this year, and the main claim to fame for the SpareOne would be its superior battery life – where it was touted to run for up to 15 years on a solitary AA battery. I am assuming that this 15 years would mean not even inserting the SIM card, so much so that it is on standby all the time. There is no real, practical way to debunk or agree to the claim unless one actually takes the SpareOne and wait it out with an AA battery, watching the calendar go by year after year. Do stay tuned until 2027, and we will most probably have a far more conclusive end to the SpareOne’s claims. Strange how 15 years of standby time equals to just 10 hours of talk time on the same battery, no? It also makes me wonder what kind of battery is employed here, but handsets which run on AA batteries are definitely useful in developing countries as well as those who tend to spend plenty of time outdoors, away from civilization and power outlets.

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