SpotifyAs much as people around the world would love to hop aboard the music streaming bandwagon, due to copyright issues and the different deals that companies have to work out with record labels in different countries, streaming services such as Rdio, MOG and Spotify tend to be limited to a few select markets while slowly expanding to others in the mean time. Well the good news for Australians and New Zealanders is that if you’ve always wanted to see what all the fuss was about, it looks like Spotify has finally made its way onto your shores! Even better news is that unlike US citizens who only got access to the streaming service for six months of free unlimited access, those living in Australia and New Zealand will be able to access the service past its six month trial period indefinitely. Of course those looking to enjoy an ad-free experience will have to pay a fee ($6.99 for Australia and $7.49 for New Zealand). [Press release – Australia / New Zealand]

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