Blizzard has just announced that their award winning RTS (Real Time Strategy) game, StarCraft 2, will be getting an update known as the Heart of the Swarm in the future with (obviously) a spanking new list of features involving the ability for multiplayer resume from replay, Global Play, multilanguage support, a clan/group system, unranked matchmaking, and multiplayer replay viewing amongst others. The StarCraft 2 community would definitely find the multiplayer resume functionality to be heaven-sent, as it paves a way for games to be continued even if they ended prematurely.

As for those who did hear whispers about Diablo III Global Play that enables Diablo III players to create characters in different regions from their home region in order for them to duke it out with mates from other continents, well, StarCraft 2 will no longer be lagging behind in this aspect, as the folks over at Blizzard, too, are sweating it out to deliver the Global Play feature alongside relevant multilanguage support, which also ought to see its introduction circa the Heart of the Swarm’s release.

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