If you have a penchant for war games, then you might want to check out the playable demo of Steel Battalion Heavy Armor over at Xbox LIVE. Using the abilities that come with Kinect, gaming in the war zone has gotten far more interactive than you could have imagined. You will be able to relive the feeling of war (without fear of actually coming home in a coffin that has been wrapped up in a flag, of course) by taking control of a Vertical Tank, while checking up on your team members with but a swipe of your hand. Need to see what is going on in the distance? Not a problem, just lift up your hands to your eyes as though a pair of binoculars are in your hands, and watch the screen zoom in on all the action far away. Steel Battalion Heavy Armor is an Xbox 360 exclusive that is slated for a June 19th release in North America, while our friends across the pond will have to wait until June 22nd. The demo itself weighs in at 1GB, so you might want to be a bit patient as it downloads.

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