Survey: Most Americans play games on phones to kill timeThere is a new ‘Y U Play?’ survey from MocoSpace that shows the number 1 reason for Americans spending time on their mobile phones would be to “kill time”, while another third play for entertainment’s sake. Out of the sample crowd of over 10,000 gamers, 10% of them played games to compete, while lagging a wee bit behind at 9% is the motive of meeting new people. Hmmm, I wonder, isn’t heading down to the local watering hole a better way of meeting new folks? It is interesting that those who said “I’m always on the go” holds three percentage points – the same number of respondents who play games on mobile phones to flirt. Having said that, perhaps the invisible digital wall makes it easier to make friends and flirt, and there is no need to fork out more money for parking and all the wine-and-dine thing until one meets up face to face with the person behind the avatar, right? As for you, why do you indulge in mobile phone games?

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