T-Mobile has rolled out a new television commercial which takes a jibe at AT&T and its top selling smartphone, Apple’s iPhone 4S. The new commercial which made its debut this week starts off with a motorcycle on an empty highway chugging along merrily with the voiceover stating, “If this is the speed of the iPhone 4S on AT&T, what does 4G speed on T-Mobile look like?” After he says that, a black and magenta blur passes by in the form of T-Mobile’s TV spokeswoman, Carly Foulkes decked out in leather on her sleek, black and magenta colored superbike.

During the slow-motion repeat, she actually slows down to the same speed momentarily, flashes her counterpart what seems to be a magananimous ‘peace’ sign and resumes on her blazing fast journey. From the advertisement it looks like T-Mobile might be going out of its way to attract attention to the fact that Apple’s iPhone will be supported on its network by the end of the year. Until then however, it seems that we can expect more shots like this by the carrier but the question that remains is whether or not AT&T will take it lying down?  What do you think of the advertisement?

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