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T-Mobile to get Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-T999)?

tmo s3Yes, we did speculate on the high possibility of T-Mobile being the only carrier in the US to offer the quad-core version of the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S3, and here we are with further confirmation that T-Mobile will indeed be on the receiving end of the Galaxy S3 – although the number of cores inside have yet to be determined just yet. A hands-on video walkthrough that was recently released showed off the T999 model number – which is supposedly meant for the Galaxy Nexus, although as anyone can attest, the Galaxy Nexus does not featureWi-Fi Direct and neither is it DLNA enabled. Chances are what you see above being very high in terms of possibilities that we are looking at a Samsung Galaxy S3 for T-Mobile. What do you think? T-Mobile subscribers too, it has been reported, might be able to get an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S that runs on their network without being limited to sloppy EDGE speeds.

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