T-Mobile logoWhile iPhones are compatible with T-Mobile’s network, it unfortunately restricts users to the slower EDGE network as opposed to the faster 3G/HSPA+ networks. T-Mobile is looking to change that and has since announced plans to make changes and upgrades to their network that will allow full iPhone compatibility on the carrier’s 4G network later this year. This will be thanks to the 1900MHz spectrum which T-Mobile obtained from AT&T due to their failed merger and it should allow unlocked iPhones access to its 4G network. While not actually selling the device themselves, T-Mobile is hoping that with its upcoming support for the iPhone that it will help fill the gap.

While not officially announced by either company, with the inclusion of the 1900MHz spectrum, there is a chance that T-Mobile could see themselves as a potential candidate for the next-generation iPhone as they are currently the only carrier out of the four major ones that has yet to offer the iPhone in an official capacity. So, what do you guys think? Would an official iPhone on T-Mobile’s network be something you’d be interested in?

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