We’ve seen our fair share of foldable devices in the past like the Kyocera Echo and the Sony Tablet P, but a foldable e-reader that could double as a smartphone? That’s certainly something worth checking out. Dubbed The Floater, this concept was put together by Jeong Jaewan and it basically reveals the designer’s imaging of an e-reader that when folded, will turn itself into a device with smartphone capabilities.

The device will be completely touchscreen based and will sport a 6” display when in e-reader mode. However when folded, it will become a smartphone with a display size of 4.6”. While not explicitly stated by its designer, it appears to be using e-ink and unfortunately appears to be monochromatic, kind of a bummer for a supposedly futuristic device. It even sports a 4.4” LCD in the middle that can be removed and is said to be able to support augmented reality. Not the slimmest device we’ve seen, nor the sleekest, but it certainly is a pretty interesting idea. What do you guys think?

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