Gone is the day when we would create mixtapes for friends or go over to a friend’s house in order to listen to the latest record. Instead we just share earphones and pass links to songs that we have discovered. Looking to go back in time when sharing music was an actual physical and social activity, Andrew Pairman has come up an Arduino-powered music player dubbed the Social Jukebox. This involves an Arduio-powered music player along with wooden tokens that are embedded with personal playlists. These tokens can be brought out with the listener wherever they go and can be worn as an accessory or hung from your keys as a keychain.

The tokens will then be inserted in the holes in the Social Jukebox which can be read by the device thanks to the RFID chips embedded into the tokens. Once the jukebox has been activated, it will then connect to Spotify and will load one random song from the currently chosen playlist. It’s a pretty good idea and there’s just something retro about the design of the whole thing. Check out the video above to check out the Social Jukebox in action.

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