Earlier this week, hackers who claim that they were affiliated with hacktivist group Anonymous were said to have accessed and published details garnered from approximately 55,000 Twitter accounts, but Twitter has stepped forward today to debunk those claims, touting that the group posted duplicate information most of the time, in addition to username and password information which belonged to suspended spam accounts. A Twitter representative says that no major successful breach happened, although Twitter is still looking into the situation and hopes to come to a solution soon.

According to the accounts posted on Pastebin, it had over 20,000 duplicates and information which are the ‘property’ of many a spam account which has already been suspended. Apart from that, Twitter did mention that majority of the usernames and passwords do not in fact appear to be linked to one another, hence they are more or less useless even if there really was a security breach.

Twitter did issue password resets to accounts which could have fallen under the hands of these hacktivists, and encouraged concerned users to visit the network’s Help Center in order to make changes to their passwords as well as go through the security settings.

Which party do you think won the war of perception this time around?

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