V-MODA has introduced the VIP edition of the Faders headphones which are said to be able to reduce harmful noise levels by approximately 12dB across the frequency spectrum, and yet is still capable of doing enough to enable music and speech to pass through with crystal clarity. This noise reduction technology is said to make the difference between an enjoyable listening experience as compared to lifelong hearing loss. V-MODA has enlisted the help of professional DJs and producers during the production of the Faders VIP, where it will come in four sizes of medical grade fittings in order to fit ears of all sizes. Not only that, the Faders VIP also features a new detachable cord as well as a high quality carrying case that offers additional hearing protection to club, concert and event-goers.


Val Kolton, Chief Visionary Officer and Founder of V-MODA, said, “Last year’s launch of Ear Armor, Inc. created a windfall of amazing feedback from musicians to race and concert-goers. Loud events coupled with the popularity of smartphones, MP3 players and headphones have created a pandemic of hearing loss in everybody from kids to adults and too little is being done to stop it and educate customers. Faders are a universal solution to fully enjoy music and conversations without the damaging effects of higher decibels that cause irreversible noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus. Both the cheapest foam and the most expensive custom ear plugs can muddle sound quality and push debris too far into your ear canal causing even more damage to your ears.”

You will be able to choose from Gunmetal Black, Rouge Red and Electro Pink shades, where they will all retail for $20 apiece. [Press Release]

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