Are you looking forward to the various announcements and workshops that Apple will be holding at WWDC this year? Unfortunately due to how fast the tickets were sold out this year and thanks to Apple’s new policy on non-transferable and non-refundable tickets, safe to say that you’re out of luck if you were planning on attending but were slow in purchasing your tickets. This has led to alternatives such as the Indie Developer Lab in San Francisco and has since prompted mobile game maker, CocoaChina to put together an initiative of their own.


We believe there are people who purchased WWDC tickets that do not plan to actually attend. There are various reasons for doing so and we understand but it has created three problems:

The tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable, which has caused purchasers to experience a financial loss.

Many developers (like us) won’t be able to attend WWDC.

WWDC turnout may be lower than expected.

This website is meant to help track the scale of this issue and provide a potential solution to Apple dev community. If there is evidence that the problem is widespread enough we will potentially catch Apple’s attention. We hope Apple will then refund people who have entered their Apple IDs here and ultimately utilize the returned tickets to satisfy those developers genuinely interested in WWDC.

The developer has since launched a website called and its goal is to get enough people on board for Apple to take notice and allow for transferrable or refundable tickets. The site allows users to put themselves on an unofficial waiting list, and also for developers with WWDC tickets to place themselves on a list as not attending, which in theory should free up space for those interested in attending the event. Sounds like a good idea but will Apple take notice of this effort and will they change their policies for WWDC 2012? We guess we will have to wait and see.

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