Being in a hospital is no fun if you are the patient, and even as a kid when lollipops are presented to you after a jab, there is just this particular feeling that makes one’s presence in hospital as a patient to be less than pleasant. After all, you can never quite tell just what other kinds of germs and micro-organisms are hanging around to cause you issues with your health. Having said that, hospital staff need to scrub themselves down each time they enter the operating theater for obvious reasons, and prior to that, manpower is required to decontaminate the room by hand as well. Well, the Xenex robot is here to make life a whole lot easier, where what normally takes an hour to do is reduced to just 15 minutes.

If you have watch the video of the Xenex robot in action, it will be able to shoot out flashes of UV rays when within the room, making sure that virtually every single square inch is decontaminated. Talk about reducing the need for additional staff on the payroll, as well as increasing the efficiency level at which a hospital is able to run. The cost of the Xenex, it is said, will pay for itself in a short while, so those accountants on the hospital’s payroll might want to see whether there is enough budget in the future to purchase some of these disinfecting robots or not.

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