The PS Vita is one portable entertainment device that will not only concentrate on games alone in the future, but rather, we see it being more holistic in its entertainment approach. It was just announced that YouTube will be making its way to the PS Vita as an application in the near future, the end of June if you want to be more exact. In 30 days’ time (or less), YouTube will be available as a free downloadable application for the PS Vita through the PS Vita Store. Needless to say, with the right kind of connection, you will gain access to millions of YouTube videos over on the PS Vita’s 5” OLED display, so make sure the kind of stuff you watch are of the High Definition variety, otherwise it would not do the display any justice.

The PS Vita’s YouTube application features will include a slew of functions that we are already familiar with, and perhaps, have taken for granted – including the ability to search for videos, pick out your favorites, as well as post comments on how 2Pac is able to rap in 240p and transform it into 1080p while mourning the lack of real rappers in this generation.

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