If you think that the Huawei Ascend P1 S was the thinnest smartphone ever, then you’re wrong because the 6.55mm Oppo Finder is the world’s thinnest smartphone – at least for a week. Thanks to ZTE’s 6.2mm smartphone, the Oppo Finder has yet to find its place once again in the battle for the thinnest. ZTE’s new device, codenamed Athena, was first via WeiboEngadget claims that the ZTE smartphone will most likely sport a 720p display and a Cortex A15 chip. A source also allegedly told the publication that the device will be a multi-core and that it will also feature up to 64 GB of internal storage and ZTE’s “MiFlavor” UI.

The ZTE Athena is rumored to arrive with Ice Cream Sandwich on it, so it’s pretty nice. “Athena, 6.2mm beautiful body, True HD screen beautiful and moving, the A15 architecture carrying a sea of wisdom, Mifavour UI Zine engine power goddess glory, 64GB capacity,” Lu Qian Hao poetically wrote on the blog. Unfortunately, the detailed specs of the 6.2mm thin device is also relatively thin, so we’d like to add a pinch of salt to this news just to be sure.

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