A123 claims new battery technology will result in cheaper EVs Electric vehicles (EVs) are not exactly the cheapest rides out there in the market, but they do hold the promise of offering cheaper maintenance in terms of fuel consumption simply because all it requires would be a power outlet to juice up its battery whenever it runs on empty. Well, battery technology is still in its relative infancy where EVs are concerned, and they can be very expensive to repair or replace. A123 thinks that they might be on to something with a new technology which enables lithium ion batteries to function in extreme temperatures, doing away with the need for separate heating and cooling systems. This might in turn lower the cost of manufacturing EVs.

A123′s work on the Nanophosphate EXT, as they call the technology that, might eventually see a greater market share of the struggling company’s rechargeable batteries. As heating or cooling systems account for up to 20% of the total cost of the lithium ion battery, if A123′s technology is able to defer that cost, we could see more affordable EVs on our roads – and perhaps an increase in Ev ownership, too.

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