According to the rumors, Google’s Nexus tablet is expected to run on Android Jelly Bean. Many had believed Jelly Bean could be none other than Android 5.0, while others believe it may simply be Android 4.1. Whichever the case, with Google I/O coming up next week, Google has since released a companion app for the upcoming conference and according to the folks at Phandroid, they have speculated that we might have been given a sneak peek as to what Android Jelly Bean could look like. Pictured above is a screenshot provided by Google in the Google Play store and for those who are familiar with Android 4.0, the search bar pictured above and the one on your phone looks very different.

Android 4.0 was designed with the “Holo” theme in mind, so it would not be completely out of the question if Jelly Bean has been given a slight facelift as well, perhaps something less sci-fi-ish as the screenshot above might have implied. Of course we could simply be reading too much into things but what do you guys think? Could Google I/O be introducing the Nexus tablet along with Android Jelly Bean? Be sure to check back with us on the 27th of June to find out!

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