The APEN A5 Digital Pen has been specially designed for the new iPad from Apple, and good news for peripheral lovers for the world’s most popular tablet device – the APEN A5 Digital Pen is starting to ship just in time for summer. The APEN A5 Digital Pen has been touted to be one of the most reliable and accurate method for users to perform a variety of tasks, including taking notes, drawing, or sketching directly on an iPad display without the need to alter your writing habits in order to accommodate a digital lifestyle.

After all, it was specially designed to look and feel just like your standard issue pen, enabling the APEN to deliver a natural writing and drawing experience. This means you can lean a hand on your iPad’s display as though it were a sheet of paper. Another plus point of the $99.99 APEN A5 Digital Pen? If you are an avid sketcher, then using the APEN A5 on your iPad will definitely not leave any marks on your hand, even more so if you are a southpaw. [Product Page]

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