There are times when our cellphone’s reception might not be so good. This could result in calls being of poor quality, dropped calls and we might even lose our data connection, so emails and instant messages such as Whatsapp might not go through. Thanks to a patent discovered by AppleInsider, it seems that Apple could be considering a method which will allow users to choose their best form of communication. Some examples given in the description:


“For example, a network status may indicate that a wireless device is on a 3G network and has three bars, or that the device does not currently have access to cellular service,”

“For example, if a wireless device has two or fewer bars, a text based communication may be recommended, rather than a telephone call,”

On the surface it might not be a huge deal, but sometimes knowing what forms of communication are available to you would go a long way in saving users time and cut down on frustration when attempting to place calls in places with low reception. Granted this is a patent and could merely be an idea as opposed to an actual implementation, the fact that Apple revealed some interesting and useful features with iOS 6, like the ability to reject calls by sending a preset text message in its place could eventually pave the way to this patent becoming a reality. What do you guys think?

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