Apple Store employees reportedly asked to work late on 5th June, new products imminent?Apple’s WWDC is scheduled for sometime next week and there has been a lot of speculation and rumors surrounding possible launch of new products. While the launch of the next-gen iPhone does seem somewhat unlikely, there has been talk about new MacBooks which is why we’re not surprised to learn that according to an Apple store employee (via Gary Allen of ifoAppleStore), back of the house workers and other specialists have reportedly been asked to work late into the night of June 5th, which is about a week before WWDC kicks off.

What could that mean? Well usually when Apple has new products coming in, store employees are required to work late to prepare the stores and inventory for the onslaught of new customers. However some have speculated that this could mainly be due to Apple’s annual promotions for schools which usually happen around this time as well. Either way we’ll try to keep the speculation to a minimum for now, but this is definitely something we’ll be keeping in mind so stay tuned to find out what Apple has in store for us at WWDC next week!

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