B9 Shipping, an Ireland-based company, is combining old-age sailing technology with modern technological advances in marine engineering. B9 Shipping is working on a conceptual design of what it claims to be a 100% fossil fuel-free cargo sailing ship. The company’s cargo sailing ship will use a Dyna-rig system that’s originally designed by Wilhelm Prolls in the 1960s. The same rig is also used on the Maltese Falcon super luxury yachts. As for its engine, in order to meet its goal of a 100% renewable powered ship, B9 Shipping is reportedly working with Rolls-Royce to develop the Bergen gas engine series, which has already been certified for use on ships.

Bio-fuel technology will be responsible in providing power to the engine. Bio-gas made from food and organic waste will be processed at a plant to produce 100% bio-methane. B9 Shipping is currently testing its design at the University of Southampton’s Wolfson Unit for Marine Technology and Industrial Aerodynamics (WUMTIA). “We are designing B9 Ships holistically as super-efficient new builds transferring technology from offshore yacht racing combined with the most advanced commercial naval architecture. We’re combining proven technologies in a novel way to develop ‘ready-to-go’ future-proof and 100 per cent fossil fuel free ships,” B9 Shipping Director Diane Gilpin said.

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