Google Maps, watch out! Microsoft has just announced that they will be throwing in 165TB of new images into Bing Maps, the software giant’s reply to the world of navigation. It is said that this particular data dump is the “largest satellite release to date” for Bing, and the entirety of it is not lost on us. In fact, Microsoft pressed the matter further by saying, “In fact, this release is larger than all of our past Aerial releases combined!”

Just how much data does 165TB amount up to? We are talking about new imagery over North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe, and Asia – which equals to nearly a whopping 38 million square kilometers. The aerial images snapped comprises of a mixture of those taken by satellites or aircraft, in addition to Global Ortho photography. You can say that plenty has happened since Bing launched its Global Ortho Project a year ago, and we do not think that Microsoft intends to stop working on making Bing Maps better in the immediate future.

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